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Weekly Classes

Golden Path Yoga

Every Wednesday 7:15pm-8:45pm : Live on Zoom

Golden Path Yoga is the practice that I have developed from my teaching and practice experienced over the last fifteen years.

I first found yoga at university, this passion grew during my twenties and I trained to teach Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, during my thirties I explored modern mindset philosophies and trained in Zen Meditation.

Golden Path Yoga is my own fusion of these systems, it combines traditional yoga postures with modern mindset techniques.

It is an accessible designed to get your energy flowing, clear your mind and connect you to your purpose!   

And its online! You can join me via Zoom every week! The session is suitable for all levels.

Full details can be found in my Facebook Group: Golden Path Gathering! Click to join.

Golden Path Meditation

Every Thursday 8:00 – 9am: Live on Zoom

Meditation is the art of being able to sit with ourselves and experience our awareness which exists beyond our thoughts.

It is common to identify our thoughts as ourselves; 'I think, therefore I am'

However Golden Path Meditation asserts a new paradigm; 'I am, therefore I am'

This simple yet powerful shift contains the essence of the practice and of true awakening! That our thoughts and our awareness are separate and that our true identity is not the ongoing stream of thoughts that our mind creates on a daily basis but the awareness that is able to observe those thoughts.

In this powerful morning session we will use simple movement and breathing techniques to centre and prepare ourselves to experience the natural peace that arises within us when we sit quietly, connect to our breath and let go of our thoughts.

Meditation is a powerful practice to enable you to let go of stress, recharge your batteries and connect to the deeper layers of your awareness. 

Join us every Thursday on Zoom, become part of our Facebook Group: Golden Path Gathering to get full details. Click here to join.

Monthly Gong Baths

Off-Grid Gong Bath  ///  Secret Location  ///  Saturday 22nd August: 2pm - 6pm

Join us for an extra special outdoor gong bath where we will take time to gather in nature and experience community, connection and zen. The day will be focused on easing us out of lockdown and back into the world, while being able to social distance as required.

This will be a healing afternoon designed to soothe our nervous systems, relax our mind and connect us to our essence.

The day will take place at a secret location in Essex, set in 6 acres of reclaimed land that has been loving rewilded and blessed by Buddhist Monks to create a calm space which is perfect for a deep journey into zen.

We will meditate in nature, share a zen discussion, followed by an open air gong bath.

A communal fire will close the day and we will have time to gather, listen to music and enjoy the land.

Please book on via the PayPal Button below, it is £22.50 per person, so if you require more than one ticket please purchase two separately.

Once you have booked you will be sent an email with the full program for the day and details of the secret location! :) 

The Yoga Factory, Southend, Friday 14th August, at 8pm

This is a deeply healing gong bath and is the perfect relaxed and start to your weekend! The Yoga Factory has amazing acoustics and you can really feel the vibrations of the gong within the studio. Investment is £20 to confirm your place Click To Book

Hummingbird Studio's, Chelmsford, Sunday 16th June, at 7pm

This is our monthly Full Moon Gong Bath here we link the power of the gong with the healing energies of the Full Moon and I discuss the astrological significance of that months Full Moon and how we can use those insights within our own life. This is a very special session, set in a calm and peaceful studio on the outskirts of Chelmsford and I frequently have special guests who join me to add their energy to the sound healing.

Please book on via the Hummingbird Website and check out the Workshops section:

Click Here


The Therapy Life Centre, Southend, Thursday 6th June, at 8pm

Tthis energising mid week gong bath come s with a special treat; a shot of delicious hot chocolate guaranteed to get the blood pumping and increase the bliss factor as you lay back and relax! THIS SESSION IS CURRENTLY PAUSED DUE TO COVID

Investment is £20 and to book on please call the Therapy Life Centre direct on 01702 433 959 to book your place.

Shambala, Leigh-on-sea, Friday 7th June, at 7:45pm

This is our newest gong bath hosted by Clare at Shambala Studios, Clare brings her own style to this gong! So if you like a gong with a unique energy in a lovely relaxed studio then join her on the first Friday of the month! THIS SESSION IS CURRENTLY PAUSED DUE TO COVID

Investment is only £10 to book on please call Shambala direct on 01702 478924 to book your place.

Monthly Workshops

Super Session

The Sanctuary, Upminster, Sunday 2nd June 1:30pm – 4:45pm

Yes the Sunday Super Sessions are back! After a long Spring Break, we are restarting on Suinday 2nd June!

We will continue our journey through the Chakra's with a deep dive into the 3rd Chakra, our Source of will power and internal strength!

If you'd like to power up with 3 hours of Yoga, Meditation and Chocolate Treats then come join me for this awesome session.

Its just £30 for over 3 hours of yoga and bliss! Advance booking required. THIS SESSION IS CURRENTLY PAUSED DUE TO COVID

Email to book yogawarrior1@hotmail.com

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