The Buddha and The Wolf

The Buddha and The Wolf By Guru Ben

A story of adventure, enlightenment and a wolf...

Book 1 – The Buddha’s Quest, the first in a brand new trilogy from debut author Benjamin Saxon, check out his phenomenal Beta Reader feedback:

“Ben is a modern-day Paulo Coelho.” Laraine Young

“Ben’s first book is unreal! I have learnt so much from it.” Sophie Johnson

“There is a lot of love, truth and wisdom in this book. The writing is beautifully descriptive and has a mythical quality that reminds me of Herman Hesse.“ Jonathon Bannister

“This book offers a multidimensional adventure. The reader is taken on a journey of mind, body and spirit in which different lives cross paths. The author confronts a number of existential questions that are both contemporary and timeless in a way that also makes the reader reflect upon such questions.” John Latchford

“A new fable for our emerging Age of Consciousness” Wendy Yorke

The Buddha is a young monk struggling to find himself in a medieval monastery where he was abandoned as a baby. Feeling trapped by the rules and routines that govern his life he longs for adventure.

When he hears the howl of a wolf from the surrounding forest, it calls out to him and his desire for freedom. This sets him on a journey deep into the wilderness. Here everything he has learnt will be challenged and his life, as well as those he meets, will be changed forever.

But as the quest becomes personal and lives are at stake, he begins to wonder is the real wolf within or without?

Ben Saxon has created a modern-day myth which fuses Eastern mysticism with a Western mindset and powerful archetypes in a return to land that connects us back to the roots of our shared humanity.

Karen Cairns illustrations beautifully bring the story to life while also creating a link to a key inspiration for the story, the ancient Ox Herding Plates that have been used to tell the journey of enlightenment for hundreds of years.

This inspiring and powerful story is a call to remember your true self, embrace your full potential and find your golden path.



Benjamin Saxon, author The Buddha and The Wolf

About The Author

Benjamin Saxon has been a seeker for many years. His quest began while travelling in Romania at the age of twenty-one. Here, he had his first spiritual awakening; he experienced the true flow of life and how a universal synchronicity connects all moments to the present moment. He describes this understanding as: ‘walking into the light.’ During the same trip he had a revelation that he would write a book, which brought together diverse spiritual teachings. However, at the time he had no idea how he would do this! To help him find answers he completed numerous intense spiritual practices. Such as a ten-day silent meditation retreat, which taught him to accept life as it is. He also became lead yoga teacher for a South American Shamanic Medicine Circle, which gave him vivid experiences of Source.

Now, more than 15 years after his original revelation, a flash of inspiration brought him the idea for The Buddha and The Wolf Trilogy. The novel draws on the experiences and lessons he learnt on his journey and translates them into an accessible character driven adventure novel, inspired by the Zen classic, The Ox Herding Plates. It retains its connection to original work through the beautiful illustrations by Karen Cairns which bring the story to life.

The first draft of the novel took place during his long commute to London where he works as a part-time Finance Manager for a Charity which focuses on interfaith dialogue. The second draft took place on the same commute as he typed the entire novel up on his iPhone!

After the ongoing Corona Crisis cancelled the 2020 London Book Fair, where his agent was due to meet with several publishers, he decided to release the first two chapters of his book during the UK Lockdown to provide an uplifting and inspiring story in these deeply challenging times that we find ourselves in.


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