Gong Baths In Southend and Across Essex

Life can be stressful, do you feel tired, overwhelmed and full of tension? Imagine how good it would be to lay down in warmth and comfort and allow yourself to drift into a state of deep relaxation.

This is the beauty of a Gong Bath, all you need to do is turn up, lay down and chill out! The sound and vibrations of the gong will do the rest!

But what is a gong bath?

Gong Baths In Southend-on-Sea, Essex with Golden Path Yoga

The gong is an ancient healing instrument that is able to relax your central nervous system through its vibrations whilst the sound clears your mind slowing brainwaves down until you reach the meditative theta state. It is a deeply healing and has been used for thousands of years to bring people back to balance and restore harmony within body and mind.

A Golden Path Gong Bath is a truly immersive experience, you will be bathed in the sound of the gong whilst crystal bowls, rattles and chimes will create an audio theatre for the mind enabling you to go on sound healing journey.

The benefits of a gong bath are varied and unique to each participant however there are common themes you will release stress and tension, whilst others see colours and heal past traumas and everyone reports they sleep really well after a Golden Path Gong Bath.

If you would like to experience a Gong Bath like no other then come join us.

We have events across Essex and they can before booked here.

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"I attended the gong bath with Ben last week and WOW!

If like myself you feel the need to relax (don't we all) and allow your body to switch off and heal, this is for you.

To relax was my main intention to gain from this session and that's exactly what I got.

I was taken on a healing journey and bathed in the wonderful gong vibrations which deeply relaxed and recharged me, awakening all the cells within my body.

I loved every minute of the 2 hour session, from the gentle yoga stretches and guided meditation, to the penetrating gong sounds, finally followed by the uplifting scent of cleansing sage and holy palo santo to clear ones space.

I left feeling beyond chilled and floated home like Aladdin on my yoga mat.

I felt released from old patterns, had best night’s sleep and the next day I felt positive, at peace and had free flowing energy....

Thank you Ben and the amazing healing Gong."


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