Online Coaching In Southend, Essex

Online Coaching In Southend, Essex with Golden Path Yoga

Are you a stressed out knowledge worker?

Is your main relationship with a laptop?

Have you partied hard and now want to rebuild your health and wellbeing?

Or do you just want to your yogic practice with an experienced guide?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then Golden Path Coaching is for you. My Sort Out Stress Program will teach you accessible techniques to increase mobility, master your mind and build resilience to the stresses and strains of working in a demanding world.

This course is great if you like to learn in via 121 feedback.

I have created a clear program which you will be able to use to develop your personal practice.

We will also consider your own specific stressors and how meditation can be used to change habits and patterns.

Whilst philosophical perspectives on how to live a good life are interwoven to ensure your mindset will be upgraded through the course.

Online Coaching In Southend, Essex with Golden Path Yoga

By the end of the program you have learned how to:

The sessions are all conducted over Zoom, meaning they can fit around your schedule and travel plans, meaning all you need is your laptop!

Guru Ben is an experienced yogi who has developed his spiritual muscle through many different practices and has now began the process of synthesising his spiritual development into an accessible system which means you can make massive leaps forward in your wellbeing now.

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“Just been called in by my Director at work. He said he’s noticed a big change in me over the last 6 months, he’s been pleased with what his seen and offered me a management position with a £4K payrise.”

Karen – 6 months after completing the SOS Program


“Guru Ben has been there for me and my family through some extremely difficult times. He is the most unbelievably patient, empathetic, dedicated, kind and mindful person I’ve had the pleasure to meet. He offers support in so many ways including yoga, meditation, mindfulness and life coaching. I can’t thank him enough for his support in recent years. I am client but now I am also a friend of Guru Ben.”

Brother of Emma who completed the SOS Program


“Jon seems much better after his course with you, his less stressed by situations at work and more present and relaxed at home.”

Jon’s wife reflecting on changes that have place since the SOS Program

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