An Awakening

Mar 12, 2020

I've been a seeker for many years. My quest began while travelling in Romania at the age of twenty-one. Here, I had my first spiritual awakening; I experienced the true flow of life and how a universal synchronicity connects all moments to the present moment. My day had many twists and turns which took me to a beautiful Transylvania church that was conducting a Latin ceremony and as I sat and absorbed the sound of the words and I mimicked the hand gesture that Jesus was holding in the basilica (painting) on the ceiling. This was before I even knew what mudra's and hand gestures where, it simply felt natural to copy. Then when the service ended I prepared to leave and there was a opportunity to write a message in the visitor book and I simply wrote ‘walking into the light.’

This for me summed up the entire moment, of how each synchronicity of the day, the good, the bad, the point I got lost and had an argument with my girlfriend had all brought me to that place at that time to sit and experience the flow of life and the connection to Source.

And as I walked into the light, I knew I was walking into the light of my awakening, that for me I was no longer alone, a small ego in a sea of ego's. I'd experienced what it meant to be in the flow and that shift in my consciousness was when I began to understand the dynamic relationship between myself and the world. And that I was never really alone. 

This was such a beautiful revelation, because in Zen they say that the root of suffering is the disconnection that we feel from the world around us, from each other and most of all from Source, Creation, God, the name doesn't matter what matters is that we connect with it, first within our own realisation that this our true nature and then through our interaction with life.

And I spent the next 15 fifteen years, unpacking that revelation and I went through many other awakening experiences which supported, challenged and pushed me forwards, although this one always remains special to me, because there was a beauty and simplicity in the message 'walking into the light.'

Such a deep message that its taken me years and years to fully understand, however as I write this what comes to me is that at any time we can make that choice to walk into the light and then begin to shine our light brighter and begin to encourage others to shine their light too.

However awakening is not only embracing the light within, it is also embracing the shadows that the light casts, as we are a mixture of both and over the last 15 years I've faced many challenges as I've sought to bring my light to the surface and out into the world. It's been an amazing, hard and sometimes hard breaking process but with so much joy. This journey contains everything and I'm so grateful to be on this path.

As this is my first blog I'm really not sure how to end it, or how long it should go on for, but I hope you've enjoyed reading it! :) 

So to conclude what I want to say is that awakening is always there, ready and waiting for us, and its never one Awakening, its a continual flow of little awakenings, that each time take us close to the truth of reality, the true of ourselves and the truth within and to experience them all we need to do allow ourselves to go with the flow of the world and understand that we are connected to the natural flows and rhythms that are all around us and within us.

Let me know about your awakening experiences in the comments or what thoughts this has sparked in you.

In realness. Benjamin X 

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