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Yoga In Southend with Golden Path Yoga
Golden Path Yoga In Southend

Yoga Classes and Gong Baths in Southend and across Essex

Inside you is a Golden Path. It runs through your highs and lows and leads you to your full potential.

However, it is often missed and neglected but it doesn’t need to be, it’s there waiting for you.

Now imagine you are walking your Golden Path.

You’re being the best you can be. Fulfilled, Resilient and Abundant. You’re equipped with the yogic tools you need to live a good life.

This is Golden Path Yoga.

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What We Offer

Golden Path Yoga Classes In Southend, Essex

Golden Path Yoga

"I'm feeling absolutely completely on point, balanced, clear, full of energy yet relaxed at the same time. Epic, epic class."


Gong Bath In Southend, Essex

Gong Baths

“I feel blockages have been removed. I slept fantastic and felt really positive the next day. I would definitely book in for the next session.”


Golden Path Yoga Coaching In Southend, Essex

Online Coaching

“If you are looking to better your life style, I totally recommend Guru Ben's teaching's. I would not be where I am without his guidance.”


Guru Ben - Golden Path Yoga, Southend, Essex

About Guru Ben

My yoga journey began with a single yoga class. I walked out feeling a profound sense of happiness, different to anything I’d experienced! This moment drew me back and kept me on the yogic path in my twenties, when I travelled to India and trained in Hatha Yoga, then Kundalini Yoga on my return to the UK.

During this time also I experimented with intense spiritual practices. A ten day silent retreat taught me to accept life as it is. A yogic cleansing processes helped me release negative patterns in my personality. While I also trained as a Sound Healer with Mark Swan.

However it was when I discovered Zen Meditation in my thirties that I had one of my biggest breakthroughs. I was being bullied at work, I was stressed out and I needed to make changes.

I turned to Zen Meditation. First I built a Mindfulness practice to enable me to cope with the stress I was experiencing. Then during a retreat I had a flash of enlightenment where I brought body, mind and breath into union; experiencing the natural bliss of my true being.

And this is what I want to share with you, whether through yoga, gong or coaching my goal is the same, to take you to new layers within yourself so you can experience the natural bliss that is your birth-right.

Reach out to me and take your first step on the Golden Path today.

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